Friday, September 28

Day 272: Frukost Tacos

So what do we like to do on a drizzly Friday morning? Sleep a little later than usual? Cozy up with our kitty? No. Believe it or not, we like to get up extra early and go eat "frukost tacos" (breakfast tacos) at El Taco Truck. It just so happened that they were participating in a sample sale event taking place just around the corner from our apartment. Convenient for us. And yes, you heard correctly, I got up and got ready for work extra early so that we could go eat tacos at seven thirty a.m.

We spotted the pink truck when we were still two blocks away. It looked as though there was already a long line of people waiting for tacos and my husband sighed and said, "I'm going to miss my train." As we got closer we realized that the truck had not yet opened and all the people were standing in line to go into the sample sale. Yay for us. This fact is important to note because we were actually the first people in line at the truck.

That is what you call devotion people. That's right. Hard core taco devotion. So were the tacos good? Nnja... as they say singsongy in Swedish. Which means yes... but maybe no... but actually yes. It was mostly a yes but a slightly hesitant yes due to the addition of a few unusual, non-Mexican or Tex-Mex, and otherwise unidentifiable ingredients, and the fact that there was an issue with electricity and they were not as warm as they could have been. But hey, they were breakfast tacos at a taco truck in Stockholm and we ate them and it was an awesome treat to have on an early Friday morning. And a fantastic way to start the weekend, I might add. Would I get up early again to go eat frukost tacos at El Taco Truck? Heck yeah!

Our taco truck morning in photos...

Genuine Mexican Food since 2012.

Are you hungry? Stand here.

A little iPhone fun while we wait...

The taco dude!

Tacos go in there.

Scrambled eggs with sun dried tomatoes, salsa and bacon. 
Or beans with coleslaw and feta cream. We had feta cream instead of bacon on the first one.

Drizzly rain and tacos = FUN.

This one has nothing to do with tacos... I took it outside of my office when I got to work this morning... just sending you all some love as you begin your weekend!

Oh! And don't forget... just two days before for my next Random Giveaway in celebration of making it three quarters of the way to my year's goal!

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