Wednesday, September 19

Day 263: Engulfed in the Story

Sometimes when I begin reading a book and it takes several chapters before I nestle into it and start really enjoying it. Some books even take longer and then there are those lonely few that grab me right from the first sentence. For me, the point when I become completely engulfed in the story, that point when I am no longer living in my own reality but walking among the characters in the book, is like falling in love. You know that feeling. It can be described as happiness but it is actually a little bit more than just happiness. It really is like being in another world and I find it very hard to put the book down at that point. And though it is a bit odd that I want to live in my book more than I want to live in my reality, I would think that for the writer, for the author, that is true success. To hook your readers and have them holding on for dear life during the roller coaster ride. I really love that aspect of reading books.

Today I hit that point in the book I am currently reading. It isn't a particularly special or intellectual book, but it is an excellent detective story. I absolutely love detective stories and I am on the sixth book in this series. I have also become rather attached to the main character, which is both good and bad. Good because there are eleven more books left to read in the series and bad because there are only eleven books left to read in the series. I read fast which means that I could easily be reading the last book before Christmas if I don't pace myself better. But anyway, I am sitting here writing this and all I can think about is getting back to my book. So I will leave you on that note. Happy hump day!

And if you are also into detective books, check out this author. 

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