Thursday, September 20

Day 264: Dinner Amigo

The other day my husband and I were talking over dinner and suddenly an old memory popped into my mind. I suddenly recalled all of the many trips I made to a Mexican restaurant called Casa Ole when I was in high school. Maybe it was the enchiladas we were eating for dinner that sparked the memory, or perhaps it was all of my thinking and anticipation about our upcoming trip back to Texas this fall. I'm not sure but suddenly I could not stop talking about the Dinner Amigo that I used to order. One cheese enchilada with refried beans, Spanish rice and a chalupa on the side.

I am sure there were times when I was counting quarters, nickels and dimes in order to go have my $1.99 plate, if I remember the price correctly. Eventually my Dinner Amigo was replaced by a new favorite, the Fajita Flameado, which was basically chili con queso with more melted cheese and chicken or beef fajitas mixed in, served with tortillas of course. But the Amigo and I go way back and I think fondly about it now as I imagine sinking my teeth into a steaming melty bite of cheese enchilada.

I have probably eaten at least one hundred baskets of chips and easily several gallons of salsa at Casa Ole and more Dinner Amigos than I can recall. So this fond memory that was sparked in me, and all of my raving about how much fun it was to go with a bunch of friends, in turn sparked an interest in my husband and now we are planning a visit to Casa Ole next time the opportunity arrises. My husband said, "I want the Dinner Amigo!" So he's going to get the Dinner Amigo, which by the way, is now just called Amigo. I may get it too but I have to say, the Ambassador is looking pretty interesting with two cheese enchiladas, a chalupa, a chili con queso tostada and guacamole. I might be willing to share. But then again, maybe not.


  1. Hey! I think I remember Casa Ole from years ago when I was at Texas Tech University...or somewhere over in west Texas! Didn't they also have some strange green guacamole-like "free" dip that I think may have had at least some avocado in it mixed with perhaps sour cream? :) It's clear that I need to ship you guys several boxes of Hatch chile peppers and other stuff soon! Hope all is well! -Michael

    1. Michael that is so awesome! Eventually they did have that weird green dip but if I remember correctly it was only red salsa in my early Casa Ole days. And we are always open to Tex Mex shipments. :-D Have a great day and thank you for your comment!