Saturday, April 7

Day 98: All About Eggs

What do French toast, Easter eggs, sunshine and lazy Saturdays all have in common? The ingredients for a glorious Easter's eve celebration. Plus, I love every single one of them. Oh, don't forget maple syrup to go on the French toast. That is an absolute must. I could bathe in the stuff, or at the very least, drink it.

I love the idea of French toast because I really hate to throw bread away. We seldom plan well when it comes to eating even a half loaf of bread and we often wait until it is rock hard and nothing can be done but toss it out. That or use it to build something. Today however, it became French toast. It is win-win -  we salvage the bread and have a delicious breakfast. Besides the fact that today is all about eggs and eggs are part of the recipe for French toast. So make that a triple win.

The sun was shining beautifully this afternoon, though there was a nip in the air that reminded me that spring is still a dangling carrot. We took the subway into town earlier to pick up some fresh shrimp and a few other items at the indoor market, Hötorgshallen. This market is always a fun adventure. We stopped by the cheese shop after purchasing our shrimp and bought some delicious, creamy brie and aged gruyere to have this evening. Then we swung by the vegetable stand and bought some asparagus and fresh potatoes. After that we parted our separate ways to do some private errands for the Easter bunny. Wink-wink.

This evening we will be celebrating with peel-and-eat shrimp, shrimp-deviled eggs, asparagus quiche (more eggs), and later on, chocolate eggs. I am egg-static about all of the egg eating we will be doing. Especially the chocolate version. Wishing you all a lovely, lazy Saturday.

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