Saturday, April 14

Day 105: Stacks of Joy

All winter long I longed for snowy, wintry days like today. I figure, if I am going to live in Sweden I might as well have the full, Swedish, winter experience, right? Right. Wrong. We've had an uncharacteristically warm winter this year with very little snow compared to the last two years and then just a few weeks ago we had some of the loveliest, warm weather for what we all thought was the start of an early spring. Apparently it was just a teaser, as it has become colder again and today we were graced with a mini blizzard. Okay, I'll admit that I may be exaggerating slightly but when I woke up this morning and looked out the window, every roof as far as the eye could see was white. It was not just a light dusting of snow either and it was still snowing. So hard in fact that you could barely see anything in the distance. At least my winter coat is getting a run for its money.

My husband had to go to his office today and I had plans to meet some of the women from my book club for brunch at cafe sirap. I considered riding my bike there until I woke up this morning and saw the weather outside. Even seeing it from my window I was not prepared. I stepped out onto a sidewalk full of several inches of slush and snow. The problem was that it was cold enough to snow but not cold enough to maintain it so it was turning into a delightful mess on the sidewalks and streets, and I say "delightful" with my teeth clenched together. I wanted to run back inside and crawl into bed.

But the pancakes were calling my name so I forged on. The cafe where we were meeting is known for serving American pancakes and it is crazy popular. We were able to book at table since we were a party of six. Otherwise we would have had to arrive right when they open to hopefully get a table, or be prepared to wait. You would think on a day like today that maybe it would not be as crowded but when I arrived right at eleven a.m. there were already around eight people waiting outside for the doors to open and as soon as the doors opened, the cafe pretty much filled up.

I had been there once before but I went for lunch so I skipped the pancakes that time. Surprisingly however many people were eating breakfast for lunch that day. And the pancakes looked so tasty I nearly ordered one for dessert. Stacks of thick, fluffy, pancakes topped with an assortment of options such as blueberries, bananas, pecans, chocolate, apples, cinnamon and several variations of these. Can you say yum?

It was the thought of these lovely, stacks of joy that kept me moving to the bus stop. I had my mind set on a stack of blues and once the mind is set on pancakes... well, there is no turning back. It was definitely worth the effort of trudging through the slush. My pancakes had just the right amount of sweetness and were nice and crunchy around the edges. And it is really hard to stay grumpy at the weather when my belly is full of scrumptious, blueberry pancakes. Eating yummy, delicious food is like taking a happy pill. When yummy, delicious food is involved, the happy barometer bell rings every time.

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