Thursday, April 12

Day 103: Fertilizer

An interesting thing I've notice in the park by my office is that when it starts to get cold in November and December, nearly all of the greenery dies leaving sad, brown patches all around. Then in the spring new green sprouts come up among the old, dead, brown ones and once the new plants and flowers are in full force, the dead leftovers from winter disappear, having been incorporated into the new plants like a fertilizer. It's as if they just vanish. I am pretty sure that no one comes and weeds out the old, dead parts. They are merely absorbed into the new growth.

I think we could benefit from studying how nature works. Just imagine if we allowed the "dead" or old parts of us, our disappointments, sadnesses, even happinesses, to become fertilizer for the next seasons growth. Allow our memories to settle in through the winter and then be reborn as new, fresh thoughts and memories surface in the spring, like fresh, green sprouts.

We could just perform a ritualistic composting of our old feelings and thought patterns and allow new thoughts and feelings to be nurtured by the fertilization process so that each year we truly do begin anew in the spring, just like the changing seasons. Nature doesn't even think about this process. It just happens. Year in and Year out.

I like the thought of becoming our own fertilizer and nurturing ourselves through our emotional, physical and spiritual changes. When you consider how natural the process really is it seems simple, doesn't it? I think it is a happy thought none-the-less. And kinda funny and appropriate when you think about how stinky fertilizer can be before the plants grow beautiful flowers. Growth can be stinky and messy too.

Chuckle to self.

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