Monday, April 23

Day 114: Spring Holiday Happiness

I love spring for so many reasons. I love to see the transformation as fresh, green leaves sprout on the winter branches that have stood shivering and bare for so many months, flowers blooming brightly, and grass becoming a more vibrant shade of green as each day moves us closer to summer. I love hearing the cheerful sounds of birds chirping and watching them soar through the air. I can even feel the smiles in their songs.

But spring in Sweden also means holidays and celebrations and renewed vacation time. Yes, I now officially have a lovely, five weeks of vacation at my disposal to use and enjoy. Then come next April it will renew again. The plan this year is to not use it all up before the darkest days of winter so that we have some days to spare between January and March, when SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) sets in.

Spring holidays are also a specific perk that I relish and look forward to and the first set of holidays is fast approaching. May first (only a week away!) is a holiday here and because it falls on a Tuesday, my boss decided that we should have Monday, April thirtieth, off as well. So I have a fantastic, long weekend to look forward to at the end of this week.

Then, just a few weeks into the month we get another long weekend for Kristi Himmelsfärd Dag, or The Ascension Day in English. This holiday weekend begins on Thursday, May seventeenth. Sigh. After that there is June the sixth. And later in the month, Midsummer's eve, not to mention that we have some friends coming to visit the first couple of weeks of June and we will take vacation for most of the time that they are here.

Just thinking about and knowing that these holidays are approaching makes me tremble with joy. And the best news of all is that after these holidays have come and gone, summer will be here. Ice cream, kayaking, bicycling and swimming season. It doesn't get much better than that.

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