Monday, April 9

Day 100: Milestones

On "Day 1" of my blog, January 1, 2012 to be exact, "Day 100" seemed very far away. Today "Day 365" still seems pretty far off but reaching "Day 100" is certainly a milestone that makes me feel I've accomplished something. I am not even a third of the way to my goal but the thought and acknowledgment that I have stuck to my commitment to write about something happy or positive every day for one hundred days demonstrates to me the gifts of perseverance.

When I started my blog I was inspired and fired up with creative energy and excitement. It was fairly easy to find something happy or positive to write about. But then time continued to move forward and my days of writing started to become more of a challenge. There were days when I asked myself, "How am I going to find something positive or happy to write about today?" It wasn't so much that I was not happy and that I could not think of one positive thing about the day but more that I was in a sour mood and really kind of wanted to stay in my sour mood. Right. I can honestly say however that after sitting down and writing my daily post the fog of my sour mood had lifted, even if just the slightest bit, and I went to sleep that night with a sense of accomplishing exactly what I had set out to do. I had, in fact, achieved a personal milestone of reaching beyond that part of me that struggles to take over, my little black rain cloud if you will.

Here I am now on "Day 100". I feel like celebrating but I know that there will be other black, rain clouds attempting to rain on my parade. This milestone however is worthy of celebration and worthy of shouting a little cheer of happiness. I can also happily say that I am slowly starting to see a more positive world without having to consciously think of it. It is with baby steps that I strive forward because it still is not every day that the world looks rosie. Today I celebrate with a quiet smile and an inward knowing that I will continue along my path. I will persevere and succeed in my goal. As they say in Sweden when toasting, "Skål!" (Cheers!)

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