Friday, April 13

Day 104: Crazy, Mad Sale

One of my favorite clothing boutiques in Stockholm recently remodeled their flagship store. Today was their grand re-opening with a special appearance by the store's owner herself, Gudrun Sjöden. There would be prize giveaways, special discounts, live music and snacks. How could I resist? Even in the middle of a work day. I went on my lunch break. I'm not sure if I have ever walked so fast. I think I arrived there in under fifteen minutes.

The store was already swarmed with women and a long line waiting to get in. I was handed a flyer as I walked through the door. ALL scarves were fifty Swedish kronors. That is about eight U.S. dollars. Sweet. Every woman in that boutique was storming the scarf baskets. I was one of them. I ran around the store like every other crazy, mad woman in there grabbing every scarf I could get my hands on. I think I left with a total of six. And I nearly grabbed another one while I was in the line waiting to check out. Yes, I know. Six scarves is a bit overkill but the price was the same as if I had bought one full-priced. It was an incredibly, amazing deal. Who could resist that? Apparently not me. Some of today's bounty would make nice gifts as well so I don't feel so bad about my purchases.

I absolutely love a good sale. And by good sale I mean one that I discover before it has been picked over and all that's left are wrong sizes or neon colors. I was trained well by my mother and my aunt as a little girl. I know precisely how to shop sales and I am quite efficient at it when I need to be. But ask most people who shop with me, or have shopped with me, and if I am not on a time crunch like today I am probably the slowest shopper around. Today however, I was a speed, sale shopper.

Shopping sales provides great therapy as well. Even on days when I don't particularly need any retail therapy. Maybe even especially on days when I don't need any retail therapy. It is usually those days when I find such fabulous deals. All I can say post sale is that even with the cold, rainy weather today, there is a lovely bag of sunshine sitting here next to me (with six scarves in it!).

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