Monday, April 30

Day 121: Clam Day

Today was such a "horrible" day. I had to really "struggle" to just get through it and the weather couldn't have been "worse". Perhaps you've picked up on my sarcasm? Well... the day was actually fabulous. The only struggle today was which route to take on my bike ride to my hair cut appointment. And let me tell you, that was "tough". As for the weather, it has been an absolutely glorious, amazing day.

I had the day off today (a proven happy booster) because my boss decided that we should have today off. Let me clarify a bit so that you aren't left thinking that I have the world's best boss who thinks we should just get random days off. (Speaking of random, don't let me forget to discuss tomorrow's random drawing that is going to happen right here. On THIS blog). But anyway, the day off. Tomorrow is a red day (röd dag in Swedish) which means that it is a national holiday. That makes today a "squeeze day" (klämdag in Swedish). Meaning it is a day that is squeezed, or sandwiched, in between a weekend day and a holiday. Some companies give their employees the klämdag off as an added bonus. I just happened to get lucky with having today off, as not everyone gets the "clam" days (as I like to call them) off as paid holidays.

That being said, it was not very difficult to find happy today. I got a haircut, had lunch at one of my new favorite places (Vigårda), and did a little shopping for Mother's Day. Don't forget to do something nice for your mother on Mother's Day, which by the way is May thirteenth this year. I also did a little shopping for for my Random Drawing tomorrow and that was great fun! I put together a small package of happy to send to a random commenter on tomorrow's post. Tomorrow I will officially be one third of the way to my year's goal of writing something happy or positive every day and so I am celebrating this milestone by sharing my happy with one of you lucky readers. I am rather excited about it as I love to give presents.

So please be sure to check back tomorrow and leave a comment. All commenters will be placed in a random drawing for the happy prize, which will be shipped to whoever wins the drawing, wherever you may live. Be happy!

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