Saturday, April 21

Day 112: Dance Happy

When I see an amazing art exhibit or an incredible performance it makes me feel two things: a strong yearning to perform again and a deep satisfaction and sense of awe to watch others who continue to share their talents with the world. I really love art and I feel an affinity to those who create from their souls. Not every art work or performance moves me in the same way but I can appreciate the inspiration that moved the artist to create it.

Tonight I saw a circus performance called Cirkus Cirkor, which was comprised of a cast of the most unlikely group of performers, both women and men. It was an unbelievable display of strength and control, as well commitment to character, as the performers swung and spun on a trapeze bar, stealthily climbed up a pole as if they were merely walking down the street, or juggled chairs or ping pong balls. I left the performance feeling uplifted. Part of me wanted to run out and sign up for a circus class immediately while the other part of me, the rational part, was satisfied to walk away, merely daydreaming of being able to do the things I saw.

I grew up training as a dancer. I barely remember a time in my earlier life that I was not wearing dance shoes and running from school to classes, or from work to auditions or rehearsals. Dancing made me happy. It fulfilled a part of me that needed a creative outlet. I still feel that need to be creative and express myself but I have discovered other outlets to express this need and watching dance performances, or in tonight's case a circus performance, fulfills a tiny part of that need and makes me happy. I find happy moments throughout my day but tonights performance reminded me of my dancing days and brought back memories and feelings that filled me with joy.

Wear it Like a Crown

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