Friday, April 20

Day 111: Home Sweet Home

There is nothing quite as comforting after a business trip as going home. The trip was good. Mostly work and very little play, though I did get to do some playing in the city one evening with a friend of mine who lives and works there. We had a fabulous dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant and afterward walked around the city looking at an outdoor light exhibit called Luminale. It was displayed throughout the city at various locations by many different lighting designers. A very cool idea.

Now, I am ready to sleep in my own bed and get back to my normal routine. Whatever normal really is. I even look forward to being woken up early in the morning by my kitty. That's when you really know you are ready to be home.

I love to travel, even for work, but I often forget how straining it is to deal with all of the "different" smells I encounter. Scents of perfumed soaps in hotels and public bathrooms, clouds of smoke from smokers congregating right in front of the doors to buildings and public places, specifically the trade fair grounds, and all of the cologned and perfumed people I encounter. All of these smells just about do me in.

That is one of the happiest things about coming home - getting away from all of the scents and smells. The happiest thing about today was sitting down on the airplane, knowing that in just a few hours I would be in the comfort of my apartment - my own little world - away from all of the unpleasant smells, sleeping in my own bed and best of all, looking forward to a good cup of coffee in the morning.

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