Sunday, April 22

Day 113: Rainy Day Shopping

I completely regret saying, in my joy to be home on Friday, that I even looked forward to the cat waking me up early in the morning. Was I momentarily insane? I must have been because she did wake us up early Saturday morning (ugh) and just to round things off she woke us up repeatedly this morning as well, beginning probably around four a.m. (double ugh). Kitty! Please don't do that tomorrow morning. I really need to get a good night's sleep.

That being said, I did not have a headache this morning and despite the on and off rain it's been a nice day. My parents-in-law are here visiting us from Gothenburg and we are having a great time. This afternoon we took a stroll down Hornsgatan, the street where we live on Södermalm. Apparently according to most Swedes it is the busiest street in Stockholm, which we cannot quite fathom as many other streets seem much busier and have more accidents. Anyway, we walked along lazily and visited a few shops, specifically two of our favorite ceramic shops. One of these stops made our walk become very expensive.

When we first moved here we hoped to find some cool,  handmade, ceramic mugs for drinking tea and hot chocolate but as much as we looked, we never really found anything that stood out to us. Until today. The nice part is that both my husband and I were instantly drawn to the same items. We selected a small vase first. It was the perfect size for a small bouquet and we had also been on the look out for something like this. There were so many beautiful things to look at in the store that it took a few minutes before we noticed the matching mugs. After some debating I finally agreed to get rid of some Crate and Barrel mugs so that we could make room for these. We bought four.

I cannot wait to drink my first cup of tea from one of them. I am still feeling a bit shaky about getting rid of the Crate and Barrel mugs. They are a good size for tea and virtually unbreakable. I may have to hide them somewhere. I can probably find a place in the bottom of one of my drawers. Is that bad?

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