Sunday, April 15

Day 106: Swedish Toast

The good news is that I can get into all of my pants and skirts. The bad news is that most of them are too tight to leave the house in. It's that winter hibernation thing. Plus with eating lots of fresh bread from the bakeries around here. Yeah... and then there is the Easter candy staring me in the face every day. I'll just say one thing - Thank God for stretch denim. No matter if I am five pounds up or down the stretchy jeans always "fit" and I can still breathe when I sit down in them. Exercise? Yes, I am exercising but there are the occasional set back between that lovely time of the month, having a spell of headaches and some weird popping noise that my shoulder made the last time I swam. I have been forced to take a pause this week.

Diet? Salad just doesn't sound good lately. I need comfort food and especially with the recent return of winter. Well, yesterday anyway. (Oh yeah and those pancakes... oops). Today however, was a lovely spring day. Everyone was out and about enjoying some natural vitamin D. Even kitty was stretched out in front of one of the living room windows enjoying some sunshine. You know it is a particularly beautiful day when you head to your favorite cafe for a toast (grilled cheese sandwich) and there are actually seats available when you walk in. The cafe is usually so packed that it is standing room only and we have to circle like vultures waiting for someone to vacate their seat. The chanterelle mushroom and Västerbotten cheese toast is especially delicious and actually worth standing around waiting for even when it's completely packed. I must warn you that it is also extremely addictive. Especially when you add one of their lattes into the mix.

We passed by the cafe later in the afternoon when we were on our way home after running our errands and my husband asked, "Wanna go to Kaffe for a toast?" He was kidding but it was tempting. Some days it is the simple things, like a gourmet, grilled cheese sandwich, that put a smile on my face. Did I mention that they saute the chanterelles with garlic and a little cream before mixing them with the Västerbotten cheese and slathering them between the slices of bread and toasting them? Sigh. Probably not necessary to say it but it was a good day. I was even able to ditch my winter coat and wear my spring, wool jacket instead. Maybe this coat switch is for good? I can hope anyway. If not I can always head back down for a Swedish toast to "drown my sorrows".

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