Sunday, April 1

Day 92: Completion

Today was a day of finishing projects and relaxing around the house. We opted to do that instead of go on an adventure today since the weather recently turned colder again, hovering around freezing with snow flurries here and there. I don't know about you but staying inside on a day like that suits me just fine. Besides the fact that completing a project that has been in limbo for a while really makes me happy. I can finally wash my hands of it and move on to something new.

So, the project. A few weeks ago I started making a sock bunny. I sewed it together and then it sat on my desk waiting to be stuffed. Until today, that is. I had thought that I would cut open one of the fat, guest-room pillows, that none of our guests actually like to use because it is so fat. But then I thought I would just go out and buy some stuffing at a fabric store. Well, three weeks later, that idea having not materialized, I finally went back to my first line of thinking and cut open fatty. I pulled out just enough of the polyester fiber-fill to stuff Mrs. Bunny and you honestly cannot even tell I took any of the filling out.

Once the bunny was stuffed I started to sew up the opening and my cat became very interested. She sat half on my desk and half in my lap watching intently, occasionally reaching out to try and eat the thread. It's too bad that I did not get a photo, it was quite cute. By the time Mrs. B was completed with eyes, nose and mouth, kitty had lost interest and was taking her afternoon nap on the couch. So Mrs. B joined her.

In the meantime my husband completed putting the shelves up in our downstairs bathroom so we both achieved a sense of satisfaction today. Everyone happy and now we get to celebrate with homemade pizza.

Happy April Fool's Day! If you have not played a joke on someone yet, it is not too late.

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