Wednesday, April 4

Day 95: Inspiration

Listening to a podcast today on my way to work I heard a gentleman being interviewed about a book he'd written. The book being discussed was a collection of micro, short stories, each composed of merely four hundred and twenty characters, or less. This included spaces and punctuation. Amazing really. The author found his inspiration through Facebook, where a users status updates are limited to four hundred and twenty characters including spaces. He discussed how he had become tired of the seemingly, meaningless, status updates and thought he'd try something new. I think it was a fantastic idea. Why didn't I think of it? The author then read a few of his stories aloud.

I was intrigued and amazed. The creativity and imagination that went into not only the idea for the short stories but the stories themselves greatly inspired me. I love creative genius at work. And I love inspiration. Sometimes inspiration is all I need to lift myself out of a funk. These days finding inspiration seems to be rather easy, with the internet containing such a wealth of information. One of my particularly favorite places for inspiration is Pintrest, the online social media site where one can create bulletin boards and post or pin things that interest or inspire them. Anytime I need a pick-me-up I can easily open the site and glance at my favorite boards. I have found numerous recipes that I want to make, art projects worth a try, photographs of ridiculously, beautiful places or objects, or lovely quotes that move me.

Many times I look at my boards or boards of people that I follow and feel inspired even if I didn't need a pick-me-up. It feels great to be energized with the excitement of a new recipe to try or a project (sock bunny!) to tackle. And it takes my mind off of any small or large worries I may happen to have, so that is a plus.

(If you are interested in the book mentioned you can find it here on Amazon: 420 Characters)

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