Tuesday, April 17

Day 108: Simple Joys

Today I found my happy in the small things. A lunchtime visit to a new favorite cafe to pick up sandwiches for myself and a colleague, then having fika (Swedish coffee break) at the office with freshly, baked, almond rolls, cardamom rolls and pistachio, cream rolls that another colleague picked up in the morning, and finally, rediscovering a pair of mid-season boots that I'd packed away for winter. This is not even including my soft and silky, love muffin of a kitty and my wonderful, loving, awesome husband. Life is good. Actually, life is awesome.

Some days it's just the simple joys that make me smile and feel inspired. Some days seeing a daddy taking his child to daycare in the morning and watching their smiling, laughing exchange brightens my day and sometimes takes nothing more than a sunny day to bring happiness and cheer my way.

What are the things that bring you happiness? What are your simple joys? If you have a moment to drop me a line I'd love to hear about the things that make your days brighter and add cheer to your world. Until tomorrow... I'm wishing you a happy, joyful day! Give yourself a compliment and don't forget to smile!

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