Thursday, April 19

Day 110: Rhubarb Soda

I discovered yesterday that wearing my "rediscovered", mid-season boots (with heels) is not such a good idea on the first day of a trade fair. Regardless of how cute they are. In fact, I'd venture to say that it's a very, very bad idea. Because despite having a cute, comfy pair of shoes to wear the next day, the damage has already been done and nothing really helps except sitting for long intervals throughout the day.

Rhubarb soda helps too. Our booth at the fair is serving it and I just tasted it for the first time today. The flavor is just sweet enough and just tangy enough to be perfectly refreshing. It reminds me of a perfect summer afternoon at the summer house. Just after we've gone for a swim, taken warm showers and we are now sitting outside enjoying the afternoon sun and a cold rhubarb soda. Heavenly.

I'll just daydream with this image in mind to get my feet through the rest of the day. I'll figure out how to find rhubarb soda in Stockholm another day. For now, I will just relish drinking it at the trade fair on one of my long intervals of resting.

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