Wednesday, April 18

Day 109: Coffee

Most days I love coffee. I love it's rich, earthy smell, it's smokey, robust flavor with a heavy swirl of cream added to soften the blow. Just the thought of my morning mug of happy juice is enough to get me excited about starting each day. I'm not a morning person but coffee sure helps.

This morning I especially loved my morning coffee. With my trip to Frankfurt, Germany for a work, trade fair, I had to get up at four a.m. in order to get to the airport for my six a.m. flight. That's pretty much the crack of dawn, ugh, and really just too early. It was even too early for kitty, who usually loves to get up and hop around, frolicking in the wee morning hours. She remained on her sleep blanket this morning however, waiting for us to turn off the lights and come back to bed. That is, until she realized it was more than just an early morning bathroom visit. Still, the spring in her step was more of a slow shuffle. I could relate.

Lucky for me, my husband went down to the kitchen to make coffee for me while I showered and began my morning ritual. Kitty followed him. She wanted her coffee too. Her coffee is not actually coffee but wet, cat food but I can tell you that she loves it as much as I love my coffee.

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