Thursday, March 1

Day 61: Kungsholmsstrand - A Walk Along the Water

I love to explore. Today during my lunch break I decided to go on an adventure. I had figured out by map the other day that I could walk down a side street from my office to get to the water and walk along Kungsholmsstrand. When the path starts to curve around the island I could just circle back around up through the neighborhood and get back to my office. All within thirty or forty minutes. Squeeze in a light workout and commune with nature at the same time.

The sun was in hiding but it was warm (a sweltering 45 F) and nearly all of the snow and ice were melted. Once we spring forward and the sun is out well past six in the evening I will be riding my bike to work on a regular basis. Then I'll be able to take lunchtime excursions a little further away from the office and do some real exploring. Walking is great and I love exploring a city by foot but getting around by bicycle is even better in a city like Stockholm. You can cover twice as much ground, maybe more. Ah.... just the anticipation of those days puts a smile on my face.

Down where the walking path wound around the edge of the island I saw that the area was under development. I made a detour to go check things out. There were several new restaurants and cafes, as well as other shops and services. A sign in one of the vacant store fronts said “kayak events” and along the water there was a beautiful, boarded, walking path being built. What a lovely summer hangout it would be. It will be fun to watch the development as everything comes together. I definitely will come back there on my lunch break when it is sunny and warm. Maybe even go kayaking and have an ice cream.

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