Thursday, March 15

Day 75: T-shirt, Flip-flop, Ice Cream Days

Nothing makes me happier after the long, Swedish winter than being able to slide my feet into a pair of lace-up shoes instead of my heavy, clunky winter boots. Funny because I equally love pulling all of my boots out in the fall. There is usually a weekend day when I take them all out and line them up to be polished and prepped for wearing. After six months of it however I tend to get tired of all of the clothing that I have to put on to go outside. Layers of sweaters, scarves, hats, gloves, boots.... then suddenly the days comes when you can begin to shed the hat and gloves and maybe even put on a lighter coat.

It is very refreshing, though I must add that soon will be the days when I find myself most often improperly clad. In the days when the weather is "between seasons", as I like to call it, I find that I am either too hot or too cold. It seems that I can never quite get the right combination. Right now, however, I am perfectly happy to be able to wear my tennis shoes or lace-up, granny shoes and suffer through it if I am a tad too cold. I'll just warm myself by dreaming of the t-shirt, flip-flop and ice cream days to come.

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