Sunday, March 11

Day 71: Quiet and Peaceful

Today's adventure included taking the commuter train out to an area of the archipelago called Saltsjöbaden. I had read about a place there called Vår Gård - a hotel and conference center that looked like a cool place to check out on a sunny day. And it was a lovely, sunny day today. It started out a little cloudy but it eventually cleared up and was absolutely gorgeous.

There is still a fairly, large clump of islands between Saltsjöbaden and the open ocean (Baltic Sea) but it felt fairly secluded there, like being in the country. It was quiet and peaceful with a forest of pine trees pressed up against the ocean. Hard to believe it was only a thirty-minute ride from the hustle and bustle of the city.

I needed just that. Quiet and peaceful. I needed to be outdoors, away from too many people and too many noises. Basically I needed to be away from the city. It was a perfect afternoon. I would love to go back in the summer. I am sure it will be a completely different atmosphere then, filled up with boats and people and sunny laughter. Picnic anyone?

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