Wednesday, March 7

Day 67: Girl Time

I didn't even realized how much I needed some good 'ol girl time until after my unexpected lunch date today. I got a text message from one of my close friends this morning asking if I wanted to meet for lunch today and if so, where and what time. I love spontaneity. I quickly replied with a couple of suggestions and next thing I knew we had a date. At twelve o'clock on the dot I left my office and sprint-walked down to Govinda's.

Govinda's is a completely vegetarian restaurant, run by a Hare Krishna center, and it is virtually spitting distance from my office. Everyday they serve three different dishes - a vegetarian lasagna, a large veggie platter and then a small veggie platter. The large plate includes almost everything - the soup of the day, the vegetable stew of the day with rice, salad, some type of baked fritter, homemade bread, pappadom (crispy, Indian bread) and this amazing tomato, cinnamon chutney. I know that last item sounds weird but it is actually incredibly delicious and just the slightest bit spicy, which always makes me happy. I had the lasagna and I gobbled it down like it was my first meal in days.

Because of my short lunch break we were not able to have the most leisure of lunches but it was a perfect break from the office and the perfect pick-me-up. She walked with me back to my office building and when we said goodbye I thanked her for inviting me to lunch. I returned to work refreshed and energized. Sometimes just a little bit of girl time is all we need to give us a boost. Happy found me today and I didn't even have to go looking for it.

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