Monday, March 19

Day 79: Snow and Other Monday Oddities

As I walked to the subway station with my husband this morning it was lightly snowing. Yes, snowing. Yesterday it was nearly fifty degrees Fahrenheit and today it snows. That's spring for you in Stockholm. While we were walking I mentioned a friend of mine who made a bet with one of her colleagues that it would snow six more times before winter was done in Stockholm. Today was day number one. I hope she wins but I am afraid she may have been a bit over enthusiastic, especially given the rather warm winter we have had this year.

My husband thinks that today is the last snow for winter. So we made a bet. I personally think it will snow again, possibly even more than once, before winter is done. We only bet one hundred Swedish crowns. That is about fifteen US dollars. I should have bet more because I saw a really cute pair of orange sandals in the store window across the street from our apartment over the weekend and I think I'm going to have to have them. I could so easily have paid for them with this bet.

Especially if it can be gauged by today's snow. It snowed the entire morning. Starting early with light flurries which soon became heavy. I looked out the window every so often, hoping to see instead a sunny, clear, blue sky, but the snow did not let up until after lunch time. But by the time I was leaving work there was no more snow, the sun had come out and you would never have known it snowed unless you'd seen it with your very eyes. Like it had been a dream.

But the best thing about today. The most awesome, laugh-out-loud inducing thing that I came across today, really needs no explaining. Nor introduction. I will let it speak for itself. It was actually quite lovely that I happened to come across it, as I was beginning my commute to work and we all know about my morning commutes. Today however, I forced a sea change and listened to music all the way to work. It was actually difficult to sit still and not dance. A very excellent way to start Monday if you ask me. Except that then I came across this:

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. You use the word "bet" a lot. Are you a compulsive gambler? Do we have a problem? LOL!

  2. There just may be a problem there. But it's not me, it's my husband!!! I swear! :-)