Sunday, March 18

Day 78: Easter Tree

Sadly the weekend has come to an end. We never really had a gorgeous day of sunshine like the past few weekends but that's okay. We needed to focus on things around the apartment so it was better that way. We did get out and about a bit running errands and despite the lack of sunny skies, it was quite warm out, hitting between forty-five and fifty degrees Fahrenheit. In fact, last night we decided to try out a new Indian restaurant (which was fabulous by the way) and in a rushed decision I chose to wear my comfy, fake, fur-lined winter boots, since we'd be walking to the restaurant and the boots have great foot support. Um... am I crazy? I could have worn tennis shoes, which also have great foot support. I literally roasted in the restaurant. During dinner I asked my husband if he thought it would be weird if I took my boots off. I said it jokingly but I really wanted to do it. The couple at the table behind us had on t-shirts and I was envious in my turtleneck t-shirt, pullover sweater and boots. I seriously forgot it was spring.

Until today anyway. While we were out running some errands we stopped by the flower shop across the street from our apartment to see if they had any potting soil. Luckily they had some and they also had these lovely, curly branches with tiny, green leaves blooming on them. "Those would make a great Easter tree," I said to my husband. We ended up leaving with two bunches of pussy willow branches as well. Wait... did I say "Easter tree?" Yes, I am afraid so.

In Sweden they celebrate Easter with bouquets of bare branches, fashioned into "trees" with colorful feathers attached to the tops of the branches. Some even decorate the trees with Easter ornaments like painted eggs, chickens and Easter witches. I know it sounds strange but it will all be explained in more detail as we draw nearer to Easter. The bottom line is that I set up our Easter tree today and I love it! Sometimes I have an idea to create or decorate something a certain way and it doesn't turn out the way I hoped. This time it turned out better than I had hoped. I love it when that happens. So the weekend comes to close on a happy, positive note. We may leave it like this minus the Easter ornaments. What do you think?

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