Saturday, March 10

Day 70: Music Memory

You know the term muscle memory? When your muscles respond more quickly when you start exercising after a long break because they remember doing it before? Well, my body has music memory. I was listening to music with my earphones while on my way to the gym this morning and the music made me want to dance. My body responds to music like that. It just wants to move to the beat. I love music and I love to dance and it was all I could do to stand still at the bus stop while I waited for my bus. I think I probably bounced a little and made some hand gestures. I couldn't help it.

There are so many songs that bring up happy memories. Music memory is like a camera memory card except there is no limit to how many gigabytes it can hold in terms of songs. There are a lifetime of songs recorded on my internal, music, memory drive. Everything from Shirley Temple to Prince to Single Gun Theory.

One time my husband and I were cabin camping in Oklahoma and the weather was really crappy. It rained and rained and then rained some more. We were determined to grill our dinner so we ran back and forth in the rain checking it every so often. That night we decided to turn on the TV and amazingly the movie, Grease, was on. "Oh, let's watch it," I said. I sang along to every song. I think it scared my husband but it was awesome. I couldn't even believe I still remembered all those songs. I'll admit, I was a bit rusty on some of the words but I knew most of them pretty well.

Music really affects my moods. I remember in early college years listening to 1999 before going out dancing to get in a dancing mood. Nowadays I like to listen to classical music to relax and feel calm. If I'm working out at the gym I love to listen to Earth, Wind & Fire, Maroon 5, Prince or a number of others. The list goes on and on. Regardless I can always change my mood by listening to music. It's a happy enhancer.

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