Monday, March 12

Day 72: Ignore-ance is Bliss

I vaguely remember waking up once early this morning and our cat was sitting next to my shoulder looking at me. Purring. I ignored her and went back to sleep, easily and effortlessly. And she let me. Next time I woke up the alarm was going off. It was pure bliss sleeping nearly through the entire night. Makes for a much, more happy and pleasant Monday morning. Thank you kitty.

Perhaps ignoring her is the key. I usually wake up to the sound of her purring and I reach up to pet her in an effort to get her to lie down and go to sleep. It seldom works but at four a.m. I don't think so logically and so every morning I start petting her, or my husband starts petting her, and it merely serves to rile her up. She then wants to play with my hair, which would be nice if it was just a soft sort of petting but she gets more and more excited once she gets started and then suddenly she starts attacking to kill (the hair). Unfortunately I am attached to the hair.

I think this ignore-ance may be a solution. I will continue to ignore her during her early, morning visits and hopefully we will continue to be allowed to sleep through the night. For now, I will relish last night's sleep and hope for bliss. (Please kitty).

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