Tuesday, March 27

Day 87: Flower Power

I don't know anyone who doesn't smile or light up when they receive flowers. Their fresh fragrance always makes me feel more cheery. I love to walk past the flower stands and see the colorful petals curling open to smile a hello to the world. Whispering sweet nothings to passersby. Sometimes I stop to say hello and maybe touch one or two gently. A few days ago I decided that we needed some fresh flowers in the house so I bought some tulips. They are coming into season here and are amazingly gorgeous and there seems to be every color available under the sun. I bought an orange bunch and a yellow and orangish-red bunch. Together they are like an orange dreamsicle.

I always love to see their race as the tulips grow taller and taller each passing day. It's a funny thing with tulips. I never notice other types of flowers growing like them. Even after half a day I can see their progress. They always start out roughly the same height and after several days there are usually two or three sticking up, heads above the rest. Yesterday I noticed that one was leaning a bit low, as if reaching for the table. Today the poor thing went to tulip heaven. I think it may have been trying to escape. That or perhaps Pina (the kitty) was coaxing it out of the vase. I did not find any nibble marks but gentle batting could have been the culprit as well. She loves to explore things by way of chewing, eating or patting. So far our Easter branches with the fluffy, orange feathers have survived but everyday there is a small offering of twig chards and feather debris on the floor below the vase.

If you do not have someone to bring you flowers, I highly recommend going out and buying your own. Get a huge, bunch of whatever bloom you love and stuff them into small vases all around your home. I sometimes like to put a single bud in a tiny vase and set it on my bedside table to greet me each morning when I wake up. Having fresh flowers around is a lovely way to brighten up the surroundings and put a happy face on everyone in the vicinity. Brighten up your vicinity and put on your happy face. Go get some flower power now!

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