Saturday, March 3

Day 63: Walking Distance

Day 63: Walking Distance

What do a paint store, a light store, a shoe repair shop, a grocery store, a frame shop, a vitamin shop, and an appliance store all have in common? They are all within a mile’s walking distance from our apartment. And it only took two hours to make the rounds to all of them, with a pit stop at our apartment in the middle. Sometimes it’s just simple things like this that make me happy. If I were living in Dallas all of these errands would have most likely taken half a day and I would have had to drive to all of them.

Did I buy the paint for my Green Room project? No, unfortunately the paint samples I brought home yesterday did not go well with the color of the other walls. So we brought more samples home, now in varying earthy shades of clay and cappuccino, and we are even considering new wallpaper as an option as well. We are not back to square one but it may take a bit more time to decide on my simple, little, tiny wall. I’ll get back to you with an update soon…

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