Tuesday, March 13

Day 73: Lemon

Besides sunshine there is nothing so cheery and refreshing as the taste of fresh lemon. Lemon cake, lemon muffins, lemon squares or even fresh, squeezed lemonade. I love the flavor of lemon. It is like a burst of sunshine in your mouth. Even the color of a lemon is happy. Bright and sunny, like a summery day.

My office receives a weekly fruit basket filled with bananas, pears, oranges, and apples and then, because the fruit itself is not enough, there is a scattering of fruit, flavored, candy chews. For the past year I have avoided them. I thought it was strange that there would even be candy in a fruit basket. Seems to defeat the purpose really. Then one day last week I noticed a sunny, yellow wrapper. It was lemon. Hmmm. It couldn't hurt to just try one. Right?

Unfortunately it was quite tasty. Not too sweet and no sugary aftertaste. Today I discovered two sunny, yellow wrappers in the fruit basket. They do not take the place of a deliciously, moist, lemon muffin or cake but they satisfied my afternoon craving and the lemony goodness sparked a smile in my dreary afternoon. Sometimes when life gives you lemon candy, you have to just eat it.

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