Tuesday, March 20

Day 80: Thanks to the Nerds

How cool is it that I can use Skype to have a video conversation with my parents or friends who live across the big pond while I sit in the comfort of my apartment? I'll tell you. Way cool. When I first met my husband, then boyfriend, I still used dial-up internet (Shhhh don't tell anyone!). I think he might have hesitated slightly and even considered not dating me anymore when I told him. He didn't really laugh but he didn't say that I was super cool either. On our first date I even showed him my flip mobile phone (or as he calls it, "that horrid thing") that was connected only on one side by a couple of pretty, blue wires. In all fairness it had just broken that week and I had not yet replaced it. I don't normally go around with broken electronics. Really, I don't.

Bottom line is that my husband is a nerd. He is of the nerd family of guys (and gals I am sure) who love gadgets and could sit all day and night in front of a computer, an iPad, or even an iPhone, and stare lovingly into its screen without blinking or coming up for air. He is always up-to-date on the latest software, hardware, whatever-ware that has anything to do with the electronic world. How did we end up together? I am not really sure. Some stroke of luck or fate I suppose. That, or God has a serious sense of humor, as I am not electronically inclined particularly.

We were trying out a new restaurant over the weekend. An Indian place called Ris, which means rice in Swedish. It was actually a fabulous dinner and the atmosphere was perfect. Not too crowded or too loud and the food was delicious. But anyway, there we were and he asked me, "Have you updated your iPhone yet?" I am actually impressed that he thought to ask me such a question. Had I updated my phone? Right. So he coached me through checking my settings to see if it was updated. He asked, "Does it say 5.1?" I read, 5.0.1 and said, "Yes, it is updated." That little zero didn't mean anything, did it? He looked at my phone and said, "It is not updated." Oh.

So what does this all mean? Basically it means that I am greatly indebted to my husband and all of the other nerds for all of the work they have put into creating and fine-tuning these marvelous electronic devices that allow us to video call or instant message friends and family that live a days travel by plane away, possibly further. Even my parents use a computer, which allows me to send them emails and photos and video Skype call with them, making our physical distance less of an issue. It makes the world a smaller place for all of us and it allows me to stay connected to so many people I love. So, thank you my little nerd husband. You are the best!

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