Tuesday, March 6

Day 66: Light at the End of the Tunnel

Yesterday I decided I’d had enough of this shoulder issue and decided, since I broke up with my physical therapist last week, to give my new private health insurance a test spin. I called the “sjukvårdsrådgivning” number on the back of my card (health care advice) and spoke to a very nice nurse who was able to schedule me for an appointment first thing this morning. Impressive so far. The doctor was pleasant enough and after a quick exam he said that he was sending me to a naprapat (naprapathic therapist), wrote me a referral and sent me on my way. By noon I had found a naprapat near my office and scheduled a lunchtime appointment. I was a bit apprehensive of my selection, given my recent choice of physical therapist, but I headed down the hill with a spring in my step, hoping for the best. It was a gorgeous day full of sunshine, blue skies and mild breezes.

I stepped into the Naprapat clinic. “Please remove your shoes,” the sign on the desk read. I heard laughter coming from a back room. A good sign. I took off my shoes and started to remove my coat to hang on the rack when a bubbly, blond woman walked in and greeted me. She was Sophie, my therapist. After filling out a bit of paperwork and answering some questions we got right to work, or rather, she did. She had me lie on a massage table that was fairly low to the ground. She pressed her fingers into my back, magically in the exact spot where I have been having the issue. “There it is,” she stated and then continued, “We’re going to take care of this.” Finally. It was like an angel had been sent from heaven. And I felt that I was in good hands. She had a strong, southern Sweden accent and strong hands. Both made me feel immediately comfortable. Normally I have a difficult time understand Swedes who speak with a strong, southern accent but I could understand her. Fairly well, anyway. She went to work on me and I could feel my muscles reluctantly start to give in. I think that is all they really wanted. Someone to really push the crap out of them.

I left with another appointment for next week and no tingling in my shoulder blade. If that’s not happiness I don’t know what is. I finally feel that there is a light at the end of the tunnel (of shoulder tingling recovery) and I am pretty sure it is not headlights of an oncoming train.

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