Wednesday, March 21

Day 81: Sock Bunnies and New Perspectives

I think I have mentioned Pinterest before? It is basically an online, bulletin board where you can create various, bulletin boards that you then post photos, recipes, and articles, etc, to. You can also follow other people's boards and posts. Examples of my bulletin boards include "Food Stuffs", "Cool Photos & Such", "Places I need to travel to", "Good Things", "Holiday Fun", "Flowers & Such", "Interior", "Exterior", and "Artsy Stuff". I post photos, recipes and cool ideas that I come across from other pinners as well as things I come across just on the internet, if they are pin-able.

The other day I came across a Sock Bunny Tutorial, posted by a woman who writes an adorable little blog called Lil Blue Boo. Click here: Sock Bunny to see the tutorial. I fell madly in love with these bunnies and HAD to make one. I am still in the process but I think it is going to be super cute:

Anyway, while I was looking at Lil Blue Boo's blog today to link it to my post, I noticed a "Choose Joy" link to click on so I clicked. I like to click. Clicking around is often how I come across the cool things that I find. This click however led me to information that I had somehow missed on previous visits to her blog. Ashley, the owner of Lil Blue Boo, was diagnosed with cancer not too long ago and had to undergo an emergency hysterectomy as a result of complications related to her pregnancy. Coming across this information served as a reminder to me that nothing ever is as it seems. That person you think has a perfect life most likely has anything but a perfect life. And besides, there really is no perfect life. We all have the lives God gave us, perfect in their imperfections. 

I have been very sad recently over the fact that I have not been able to become pregnant and have a baby. I had a miscarriage two years ago at eight weeks and after undergoing two IVF attempts since that were unsuccessful in producing a pregnancy, it has been very difficult coming to terms with the fact that I may not be able to have a baby. Then I read about Ashley's experience and I was reminded of all of the other blessings that I have in my life. I was reminded that some people are not able to walk, some have no home, and others do not have a loving, wonderful partner to comfort them and share their life with. I am fortunate to have all of these things. 

We all have different sorrows to bear and different joys to celebrate in our lives. Some people make sock bunnies and choose joy. I choose joy today in honor of Ashley and all of the other people out there who's stories and sorrows go unheard or comforted. After I complete my sock bunny it will serve as a reminder to me to choose joy when I start to feel a pity party coming on. I hope that you, too, will Choose Joy today in honor of yourself or someone you know who is suffering or undergoing a challenge. Be Happy!

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