Wednesday, March 28

Day 88: A Cookie A Day

Is eating one cookie a day a bad thing? I sincerely hope not. I am not saying that I eat a cookie a day. I easily could, though I'm not sure how long it would be before one cookie became two, or three, or five. Cookies are not even my favorite vice (that would be brownies) but I am not sure I would turn one down. Ever. I mean, cookies are like small disks of crunchy, sweet happiness. And who wants to turn down happiness?

I have to admit that there is a dangerous time of the day for me. I call it my bewitching hour. It usually falls around two or three in the afternoon. I don't know why but I get an overwhelming urge to eat something sweet around that time. Just a little, tiny treat. It could be boredom but I have had this craving for years and I was definitely not bored at my last job. I try to eat a piece of fruit during my bewitching hour. Or drink a special cup of tea, a decaf cappuccino, etc. Some days however, this healthy substitute doesn't cut it and I really NEED a cookie. Come on...  just hand over the cookie and no one gets hurt.

I'm kidding of course but it wouldn't be a stretch for me to utter those words. It doesn't help either that a colleague at work stocks a drawer with cookies for us all to eat. Usually there are ginger cookies and I don't feel so bad if I eat one, or two, on occasion. This week however the drawer revealed some fabulous, little, thin crisps, dipped in dark chocolate. It is really really hard to eat just one. Today I ate one chocolate crisp and one ginger cookie. I figure they cancelled each other out. Kind of like eating celery. It takes more calories to eat them than the calories they are worth. Okay, that may be a stretch but I am sticking to it. Now let me see if I can go find some happiness in my pantry...

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