Friday, March 23

Day 83: Bunny Love

People seem to be less grumpy these days. And by people I mean me. When the sun shines it is difficult not  to smile and feel joyful. The birds are singing, bunnies are running around chasing each other and more and more green stuff is starting to wake up and come out to play. You can almost hear the trees groaning and yawning when the rustling breeze blows through, shaking their branches saying, "Wake up! It's time to start afresh!"

And I feel that way too. Like it is time to start fresh. Clean out the cobwebs, pull out my lighter, more colorful clothing and maybe think about booking a pedicure. Yes, a pedicure sounds like the perfect spring-time activity. Maybe next week.... Today I left work and as I made my way down the hill next to my office I saw not one, not two but three, happy, little bunnies springing around chasing one another. They were so cute I stopped to watch them for a bit and then decided to video them. They looked so joyful and happy. That is until they realized I was stalking them. But seriously, seeing these three little guys (or gals) made me feel like celebrating spring even more and I walked a bit lighter the rest of my commute home.

Here they are, Mopsie, Topsie and Hides-around-the-corner-by-the-tree:

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