Monday, March 26

Day 86: I Love NPR

Now I just want to say from the start that I was not paid to say that I love NPR. Nor was I sent any gifts, freebies or coupons. I just love public radio and the programs on NPR. Their programs are stimulating, informative, entertaining and inspiring. I have to also add that I love the Internet because without that, I would not be loving NPR right now. So, again, I want to thank the nerds of the world for inventing Internet. I love you all too.

Maybe you remember my occasional comments (read: complaints) about my morning commute to and from work. Okay, mostly to work but anyway. I also mentioned that I solved the problem using my earphones to drown out the commute noise with music, which I might add is still working fabulously. It is worth noting as well that listening to music even serves to distract from the bad smells, which is really awesome. Well, hold on to your hats....I have now solved things even further. I have started listening to NPR podcasts. My husband has been doing this for a long time but my gripe with doing that was always that my commute is too short to get through a whole podcast. Another possibility is that I was not yet used to using my earphones and I decided it was too much trouble. He suggested that I try it again. I could always pick it back up where I left off on my way home. It also helped that I started listening right when I leave the apartment.

Today I listened to "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me." It was hilarious. HILARIOUS. I think I smiled and/or laughed the entire way home. I am sure that my fellow commuters thought I was crazy. You know how when you have headphones or earphones on and someone asks you something and you speak really loud? Well, I am sure I probably laughed really loud as well, though it's just a guess. I did get a few looks. No one was smiling but they were not dirty looks either so I consider that a success.

I don't remember being in such a good mood upon arriving home in a while. I am always happy to come home but without the commute aftershocks to accompany me I actually felt refreshed and energized.  Even with springing forward yesterday and having to get up early for work this morning. After springing forward it usually takes me a couple of weeks to get used to getting up an hour earlier during the week. I know that is pathetic but it is true. I am just not a morning person. Just ask my mom. It goes way back. All the way to kindergarten but that story is for another time.

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