Friday, March 2

Day 62: The Green Room

Redecorating is always a fun way to spruce up one’s mood. Sometimes you don't even realize that you need to redecorate but then the idea comes up and after contemplating it for a while, the day arrives when something must be done. We have lived in our apartment now for just over two years and I have wanted to paint over the wallpaper in the guest bedroom since shortly after we moved in. I decided that this weekend is it. We have narrowed the color down to a shade of mossy green. The room is bathed in sun light and natural light most of the day so a nice, warm color will accentuate the soothing effect. I tend to shy away from cooler colors. They just feel, well cold. Give me warm, inviting, even bold color any day.

It is crazy how excited I am to paint this tiny wall. The wallpaper itself isn't horrible but I just feel that it isn't us. I actually wouldn't mind a different wallpaper but a clean, painted wall provides much more decorating flexibility. Just decorating in general will be good. So far there are two beds in there, and one stays rolled under the other one unless we have two guests, which is usually the case. Oh, there are two chairs in there now as well, from when we replaced our dining table and chairs in December. You see, storage.

Several of our friends and family members have stayed with us during the past two years but for the most part the guest room has served as an additional storage area, occasional, exercise room, or temporary holding for things on their way to Stockholm Stadsmission (Goodwill). Even so, every time I pass the room I cringe when I see the wall paper. Not anymore. Now it will be transformed into my art room/sanctuary. We plan to install a built-in desk under the window next and then add some shelves to the wall above the bed. It is a work in progress but I hope to have it complete within a couple of months. For now I will focus on the paint.

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