Friday, March 9

Day 69: Spontaneity

The worst thing about today was waking up at five a.m. with a migraine and knowing I had to get up and get ready for work soon. But thanks to Advil and a coke my headache started to melt away and I was able to get on with my Friday and get to my weekend. We didn't have any specific plans for the evening, or for the weekend for that matter, but none-the-less I always look forward to relaxing at home with my husband and my cat and maybe going for a long walk somewhere or visiting a museum.

This afternoon however I had an idea. Why didn't we go out for a drink after work and then go home and make dinner? For my husband's birthday we'd had dinner at a great, little, quirky restaurant called Nyagatan. That evening we had some of the best mojitos we've ever had, and I have had some really, good ones. I sent a message to my husband asking if he wanted to go have a mojito at Nyagatan tonight after work. "Sure," he replied. That was easy. It was a date!

Sometimes when you experience a restaurant for a special occasion the memory of that experience can live on for months, sometimes years, and then you go back to the same place with the expectations of your previous visit and you are disappointed. Well, I can honestly say that we were definitely not disappointed on our second visit to Nyagatan. The mojitos were as great as I remembered and the atmosphere was still cozy and romantic. The restaurant was decorated with paper lanterns which reminded me of the paper lanterns we used to decorate our wedding reception. Such a happy memory.

I loved being spontaneous tonight. There is something freeing and happy provoking about being in the moment and doing something completely unplanned and exciting. We were both tired from our week but we decided to go anyway and it was absolutely worth it. It was a great kick off to our weekend.

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