Wednesday, October 31

Day 305: The Great Trick or Treat Hunt

This morning I woke up to a big surprise. I walked into the kitchen thinking I was the only one up and found three plastic jack-o-lanterns sitting on the dining table, one each in my place, my husband's place and my dad's place. Each one had a note taped to the handle that said, "Welcome to the great trick or treat hunt." The notes were signed, "The Great Pumpkin." Apparently The Great Pumpkin had hidden candy all throughout the house for us to find. One hundred and five pieces to be exact, according to my mother, who apparently has connections to The Great Pumpkin. Well, we were all off to a slow start this morning so the actual hunt did not begin until after breakfast a little later in the morning when we had a little nourishment and energy to get in the competitive race mode.

Once it did begin, the race was on. I felt bad for my dad because he can't move so fast anymore so I "overlooked" several pieces and left them for him to find. Unfortunately I did not communicate this to my husband who came behind me like a tornado, slurping up every piece in sight. He was a blur of motion the entire time. The only sounds that could be heard were the sounds each piece made as he dropped them in his jack-o-lantern. Plop, plop... plop. At one point we decided that maybe we should count what we all had to see how many pieces were still hidden. Between the three of us we had a total of ninety. Dang, that's a lot of mini Reese's peanut butter cups... and a few other things. But only fifteen left to find. 

Ten or fifteen minutes and eleven pieces found later we decided to call it quits. I mean, it wasn't like a rotten egg would sit waiting for a year like a ticking bomb. One day someone would come across a missing piece and say, "Oh look! A mini Reese's from the Great trick or treat hunt!" We spread our finds out in various places around the living room to inspect our stash. And when we didn't think anything could get better, it was announced that there was a grand prize winner for the person who found the most candy. What? In overlooking pieces earlier in the game to allow my dad to find more I apparently forfeited my chance to win the grand prize. Because, let's face it, I am the trick or treat [and egg hunting] master and no one can beat me. That is, until today. The grand prize was a crisp, shiny ten dollar bill. Sniff sniff. But it's okay, I also have to share the grand prize wealth, right?

Waiting patiently to be filled...

"I found a Hershey's!"

"I am finding EVERYTHING... see how fast I move?"

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