Friday, October 19

Day 293: Weekend Anticipation

My anticipation for the weekend had me sitting on the edge of my seat all day. And if I'm being completely honest, I was probably been sitting on the edge of my seat this entire week. Today seemed to drag by with lead weights anchoring it down and the wait for quitting time was nearly unbearable. Every time I looked at the clock it seems just minutes had passed by. Then finally after what seemed like eternity, it was time. I tried my best not to run out of the office skipping but there was a definite bounce to my steps as I said my goodbyes and sprang down the stairs to leave. Maybe my boss didn't notice the difference between my happy exit and my earlier shuffling around?

The weather this week hasn't helped any either. With sporadic rain nearly every day, I was only able to ride my bike to work one day and that only added to the damper already on my spirits. But rain or shine, come four thirty p.m. on Friday afternoons you'll find me skipping out the door and singing like a giddy kid. Today was no exception. The anticipation of Friday afternoon is even more exciting and appreciated when I have been longing for it all week. Those weekends are often the best. Every moment is cherished and enjoyed to the fullest.

I was so excited to leave the office today that I even left the fresh pizza dough I bought to make pizza tonight in the fridge at work. Luckily my husband is so clever. He suggested that we swing by one of the local pizza restaurants in our neighborhood and see if we could buy pizza dough from them. As luck would have it they said yes! So pizza was still on. And I have to say it was really good. I can't think of a better way to start the weekend. Except maybe the daim (heath bar-like) chocolate cookies that are waiting for me downstairs.

Have a Happy Weekend!

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