Sunday, October 7

Day 281: Bokslukare

There is nothing better than having a good book to disappear into when you are traveling by train or airplane. Today we were traveling back to Stockholm from Gothenburg by train and I don't think I can recall this three and a half hour trip ever going by so quickly. I attribute it to my book. I started out reading a short story from the book I am reading for my book club. But then as soon as I finished it I quickly, and without hesitation, dove directly into my new detective novel, number six in the series. Reading detective book series' is an addiction of mine. When I find a new one that grabs me I practically inhale them each, one by one. There is a term for this in Swedish, though it is usually given to young children when they reach the age when they have just begun to read and they cannot devour books fast enough. They read and read and read. It is called "bokslukaråldern" and it literally means the age when you start devouring or gobbling up books. There is even a cute little children's book store around the corner from us called "Bokslukaren," or the book gobbler.

I guess you could say that I am still a "bokslukare." When I find a new series of books that I like, I literally devour them one after the other. Until that sad day when I read the last book in the series and I have to wait for the author to write a new one. This usually happens every one or two years. I have several authors now that I have come to this point with and the wait for the next book is sometimes painful, which is why I am so thrilled to have discovered this new series. Now instead of gobbling them all up one after the other however, I am trying to spread them out and read other books in between, to sort of stretch the joy out so to speak.

But for today, I will relish getting to devour my new detective book on our train trip home. The good news is that I have still barely broken the surface of the story and there is still more than half of the book left to gobble up. Something to look forward to this week!

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