Saturday, October 6

Day 280: The Colors, Sounds and Smells of Nature

I've never understood why joggers and walkers listen to music when they are exercising outdoors. Don't get me wrong, I too love music but one of the things I love about being outside is listening to the quiet sounds of nature. A gentle rustling of leaves, the happy chattering of birds, and in the fall, the delicious crunching of leaves under my feet. Even if I am on my bicycle, I prefer the sounds around me outdoors. Whether it's the sounds of nature or the sounds of the city, those sounds provide the melodies and songs that keep me company as I ponder life's big questions or try to remember the errands I need to do or the groceries I need to pick up.

We are in Gothenburg this weekend visiting my husbands family and celebrating birthdays. This morning I went out for a walk and a quick trip to the ICA Maxi grocery store. On my way there I took in all of the subtle sounds around me. The sun was shining and the air was quiet and crisp. It was a lovely fall morning. I've already mentioned that this is my favorite time of year but it's worth mentioning again how much I really love fall. Of course it is always better with a sunny day but the colors, sounds and smells of fall make me happy from inside out. Taking a walk this morning was like receiving a warm embrace from mother nature. If you have a beautiful, sunny, fall day in your town, I highly recommend getting outside for a walk so that you can also enjoy the colors, sounds and smells of nature. And feel mother nature give you a big hug.

Happy Fall Saturday!

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