Thursday, October 11

Day 285: Kitty Muffler

Early this morning when it was still pitch black outside I awoke to something very peculiar. At first I wasn't sure what was wrong but then I realized. Across my face lay a blanket of warm, purring, black fur. Our kitty was lying between us in bed and she had stretched her neck out and was lying across the whole side of my face. My face. My teeth were nearly rattling with the diesel vibration of her purr. I'm not sure looking back now if she was cold and trying to keep warm, if she thought I was cold and was attempting to keep me warm or if I was merely her "prey" and she was trying to keep me from getting away.

I'd like to think she was just being sweet and was trying to warm us both up. I attempted to go right back to sleep but then a repetitive movement rocked me back awake again and realized that my husband was also up. The rocking motion was him petting kitty. As I started to pull my hand out from under the covers to also pet her, I came across my husbands other hand and we held hands for a bit. The entire thing, kitty mufflering, petting and holding hands, all happened within a few minutes, just like a dream, and we never once uttered a word. I may have even gone back to sleep while we were still holding hands and with my kitty muffler was in place. An all around a sweet early morning awakening. A kitty muffler and hand holding in the wee morning hours is something I highly recommend!

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