Saturday, October 13

Day 287: A Long Bike Ride

Today was a day full of farewell fikas, Happy Package deliveries (finally!), awesome but freezing fall bike riding and probably the last outdoor lunch until next spring. It has been a fabulous day! And I am not even kidding about freezing on the bike ride. My bum is still cold to the touch and feels as though it may be thawing out. The other day I saw a skirt made out of the same down and fabric that you see winter jackets made from. I read through the reviews and more than one person mentioned the fact that it keeps the bum warm on winter bike rides and short commutes between yoga and home. I am thinking I may have to invest in one of these. That or insulated underpants. Do they even make those? 

But yes, today was a lovely day. It started out with pumpkin pancakes, which is always a good start if you ask me. Then I rode my bike over to deliver the Happy Package winner's prize and attend a farewell fika for a woman I met through my book club. She and her husband are moving from Sweden and my winner was hosting the fika. Photos of the winning prize and delivery are below. Next on the agenda was something my husband wanted to do this weekend: a looonnnngggg bike ride. So we did just that. We rode out to the Royal National City Park, trying our hardest to find the sun shiny areas, because out of the sun's rays you might as well have been sitting inside your freezer. 

Then we had lunch outside at a cute little cafe that was tucked away in the park. It had a view of open fields, lined with trees in shades of fall and little children were running as fast as they could through the fields with their parents trailing behind. Why did we decide to sit outside for lunch? Because other people were doing it and it was sunny. So it should have felt warm, right? Not so much. Even with a blanket folded up underneath my bum I was freezing. So as soon as we were done shoveling the food in, I said, "Well, I don't want to start mildewing, let's go!" And we left. 

The ride back warmed us right up and by the time we were heading in the direction of home the wind had also died down to a nice calm and it actually felt warmer out. As long as we kept riding anyway. All in all it was a day fit for royalty as we rode through the Royal National Park. I am still thawing out but my cup of hot tea is doing the trick. 

Lovely fall colors, crisp blue sky and a boy (I know) on his bike.

Riding through the Royal National City Park.

The afternoon sun casts long shadows... too bad it doesn't warm us up!

I kayaked out there on May 31st this year. It was warmer than today but only by about ten degrees!

Now for a few photos of the winner's stash....

The contents of the Happy Package Giveaway from Day 274.
Aside from the dishtowel the orange parts were all hand painted by me. Just a little something to brighten up the every day....

"Are you really taking this away mamma? I really wanted to play with it." >^.^< 

All packaged up and ready for delivery... and with Pina's approval.

Almost there! 

And the winner! Congratulations again Odella and thanks for participating in my giveaway!


  1. Grace Ann, I love the give away orange parts!! I got to Odella's today and commented on the wooden hot plate with the orange ball-it really caught my eye and made me smile believe it or not! Guess it doesn't take much, but it was a nice personal touch from you!
    Also glad that you got out and enjoyed the beautiful day! I rode to Odella's around 3 pm and didn't want to go inside! It was too nice out. I wore an extra pair of wind pants over mine, but I am sure that is no were near as cute or warm as a down skirt ;o) Also I can't ride without my "buff" these days to pull up around neck and face, which is also not as cheery as the orange scarf ! Glad you had a great day and a partner for your bike ride adventures!!

  2. Stacy - thanks for your thoughtful and sweet comment! I have insulated ski pants that I wore last year when it was really cold. Might be time to drag those out as well! :-P I may have to check out a buff. Scarves are nice but when it is really cold, the simplest gear is usually the best, right? I always "want" to be girlie but I am more outdoorsy in reality. :-D I am still going to check out the down skirt just for fun.
    Hope you enjoyed your ride around town yesterday too! I agree, it is hard to go inside when it is so beautiful out! We should definitely go for a ride together soon!