Monday, October 1

Day 275: Rocky Monday, Awesome News and a Winner!

Today got off to a rocky start. I tripped going up the stairs with my coffee cup (completely full of coffee) in my hand. Somehow I managed to not drop the cup itself but half of the contents did a sort of Jackson Polluck impersonation against the wall, on the stairs, through the stairs to the cat box and even into the cat box below, as well as all over the surrounding wall. Super fun for a Monday morning. And then to top it off my eye twitch came back while I was showering. With a vengeance I might add. Where does ones day go from that? I'll tell you one thing however, the stairs and wall have never been so clean. See? There's always a silver lining...

After that fiasco I luckily made it to work in one piece and the day continued to improve from there. Just after lunch time I received a phone call with awesome news. A ceramics class I was hoping to sign up for, which was full when I inquired, suddenly had an unexpected opening. And did I want to register? Why yes, thank you, I don't mind if I do. The day was definitely getting brighter despite the gray clouds and dreary dampness in the air.

Then there's all of you. What made me especially happy today was reading all of your comments on yesterday's post. I loved every single one of them. I suppose I don't have any special rituals to celebrate my favorite season either, aside from picking a weekend day early in the fall to replace my shorts, t-shirts and sundresses with turtlenecks, boots and coats. It is always feels slightly bittersweet when I put the summer stuff away. That is until the first day I pull on my favorite turtleneck. And of course the first time I decide a cup of tea sounds better than an ice cream cone. Then it sets in and I am able to accept the change and move forward happily enjoying the new seasons gifts.

Speaking of gifts...

Six of you lovely ladies... I thought it appropriate to make hearts (with pages from an old Shakespeare book that is beyond repair) and then set them atop my stash of fall jewels from yesterday.

They even look pretty folded and jumbled together... I wonder who the winner will be...

... a gentle stir by hand...

... and we have a winner! 

Congratulations Odella! I will be in touch with you soon to arrange a delivery. 
Your Happy Package is in the final stages of completion and will soon be on its way to you!

A HUGE thank you to all of you who participated! It is always so much fun for me to hold a drawing. You are all winners in my book! I hope you will visit again and drop me a line to say hello when you do!

Have a wonderfully Happy week!

xoxo/Grace Ann


  1. Well, that made my happy for today! Thank you!

  2. Wow, sorry to hear about the coffee all over the wall and floor! Yeah, not the best way to start a Monday, but it could've been worse (remember Frankenbutt?? ;) So glad that no one got hurt in the process. So nice that you got into your ceramics class. How exciting! Can't wait to see a one of your newest creative products. Thanks so much for including me in your drawing this time, and congratulations to Odella! Kram! Becky

  3. Odella I am so glad to hear it made you happy! :-)
    Becky - Thanks! It definitely could have been worse. (Frankenbutt - LOL!) I thought I might have pulled my hamstring (how pathetic is that?!) but it is okay today. I am really excited about the ceramics class! Whoo hoo!

    Thank you both again for participating and have a Happy Day! xoxo, Grace Ann