Thursday, October 18

Day 292: Eating Like a Caveman

Sometimes I've discovered that when I'm eating alone I have a tendency to eat like a caveman. I know that sounds strange, or even funny, but it's absolutely true. There is little if any regard for table manners or etiquette, I merely shovel the food in like I'm a machine and the only goal being to get food into the pie hole as fast as possible. Sorry mom. You did teach me manners but apparently I only take them out for other people. It's not so terrible, is it? I never really took notice of this until the other day when I was eating lunch alone at work and I suddenly realized that food was dribbling out of my mouth and some lettuce was even hanging there on the edge of my lip as I animalistically gobbled up my salad, eventually pulling the remaining parts into my mouth. In a similar fashion to how your "house pet" eats. I am putting it nicely.

So the other day I asked my husband, "When I'm not at home and you are eating alone, do you eat like a caveman?" He said yes with a sort of nervous-you caught-me laugh. It's kind of funny actually and really a relief to know that I'm not the only person who eats this way when alone. Sometimes when we are both tired and just want to veg out after work we'll make our dinner plates, take them to the living room and eat while sitting on the couch watching TV. We did this a few days ago and in the midst of it, I started laughing and said, "I'm totally eating like a caveman." "Me too," he said. We laughed and just continued eating (like cavemen). Is it bad that we eat like cavemen together? It sort of makes me a weird kind of happy. I like it.

Do you eat like a caveman when you eat alone?

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