Monday, October 15

Day 289: Happy Faces and Surprise Flowers

I had a particularly bad day at work today. So bad that I was very near walking out and going home. I called my husband during lunch and he listened and tried to comfort and encourage me while I cried. I am not sure if I have mentioned this before but it is worth mentioning again. He truly is the best husband I could ever have. After fifteen or twenty minutes the emotions had mellowed out and I decided to go back to work and try to work through what I was feeling. Unfortunately the weather didn't help the day any either. It was windy, chilly and rainy out, forcing me to take the subway instead of my bike to work. Riding my bike is always the better option but since I do not yet have rain pants, off to the subway I went. It isn't so bad if you manage to get a seat, which I did, so that was something positive.

I wish I could say that my work day improved but it just didn't. It happens sometimes... and that's okay. Everyday can't be awesome, right? But there can be bits and pieces of awesome scattered throughout. Like take for instance our kitty snuggling with us this morning in bed, getting a warm hug from my husband before leaving for work and having leftover baked oatmeal for breakfast. The best part, however, was coming home to find my husband already home, opening the door for me before I could get my key in the lock and welcoming me home with more warm hugs and smiles. Nothing cheers me up like seeing a happy face that I love.

In the midst of all the warm hugs and then sweet kitty greetings, I happened to notice something red out of the corner of my eye. I turned my head and saw the most beautiful bouquet of red gerber daisies sitting on the dining table. They are one of my most favorite flowers and they were simply gorgeous. Getting flowers when you least expect it definitely ranks up there with one of the best surprises I know and they surely brightened my day.

So lovely and cheery. :-)

A single beauty...

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