Wednesday, October 3

Day 277: Unconventional Ways to Find Happy

Unconventional ways to Find Happy:

1. Eat a spoonful of honey (peanut butter or almond butter works too).
2. Tell your bad hair/mood/attitude to "go sit on it".
3. Get up from wherever you are sulking and go for a walk. Physically leave the building where you are for at least five minutes.
4. Have a cup of tea (and a biscotti if you are feeling extra grumpy).
5. Paint your nails (dark purple).
6. Eat chocolate (it's okay, it's medicinal).
7. Just be.
8. Failing these, just choose to be in a good mood.

Eating a burger helps too. I just came home from meeting a friend at a new burger joint after work. I ride by this place on my bicycle several times a week when I am on my way home from work and there is always a long line of people outside waiting for the doors to open. Flipin Burgers it's called and they definitely flip some burgers, that's for sure. It was completely packed when we arrived and it was completely packed when we left. I asked the cashier if they were this busy all the time and she said with big eyes, "ALL THE TIME." I can see why after scarfing down my smokey black bean walnut burger and mountain of fries. The icing on the cake for me however was drinking an ice cold Boylan's root beer. I drank it straight from the bottle as I crammed burger and fries into my face. It is sort of a ritual of mine to drink a root beer when I have a burger and I would expect burger places in Texas to serve root beer, but in Stockholm, Sweden? Very impressive I must say.

My friend really wanted to try one of their shakes, and I guess secretly I did too, but they were so busy we felt bad holding a table for a shake when people were standing outside getting rained on, and drooling. The smells in the air were definitely drool-worthy. I probably would have just bitten the bullet and gotten a shake if we hadn't celebrated Kanelbulle Dag (Cinnamon Bun Day) at work this afternoon. One of my colleagues picked some up thinking it was Kanelbulle Day today, though it is actually tomorrow, and so we of course ate them. So the shake would have to wait until next time. And there will definitely be a next time. I have heard that shakes are a good way to Finding Happy as well. So just add that to my list above. And go have yourself a Happy Day.

Ps. Just because I had a kanelbulle today doesn't mean that I am not going to eat one tomorrow as well.

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  1. Great tips. Your post made me smile and laugh out loud! thanks for that!