Saturday, October 20

Day 294: Crazy Socks

This morning as I was getting dressed for the day it dawned on me that another thing I have a huge affinity for is socks. But not just any socks. I love socks that are fun and whimsical and maybe even a little bit crazy. I think, especially living in a place where you take your shoes off when you enter someone's home, it is so much fun to wear an outfit that is otherwise simple and plain and then take my shoes off and surprise the world with wild colors, polkadots or stripes. The best is to even have your socks be sort of completely wrong for the outfit. Like wear rusty orange and purple striped socks with blues and reds or even greens. I have to admit however that sometimes "completely wrong for the outfit socks" rub my sense of color combining the wrong way. But I still think it is fun.

My affinity for crazy socks is shared by many people. I know this because there happens to be a company here in Sweden that makes wild and crazy socks called Happy Socks. Their socks are fun and wild and whimsical in their color and pattern schemes and I completely love them. Unfortunately I do not yet own a pair. Not because I don't want them but simple because my sock drawer, believe it or not, is overflowing. We have a nephew who also shares my love of crazy socks. He has many pairs of these Happy Socks and wears them with the intention of causing a "splash" as well. It's so much fun!

I don't remember the circumstances but one time crazy socks came up in conversation with one of my aunts and she mentioned that her daughter in law actually buys socks from a company that sells them mismatched. Wild, fun, crazy colors and then completely mismatched from their pair. How fun is that? I tried to look them up online and it appears that they were not the only ones with that idea and there are actually many stores that sell mismatched socks. Who knew?!

My husband is a special kind of sock person too. He wears cycling socks nearly exclusively and regardless of how cold it is outside. He even wore them with his tux at our wedding! I only wish I'd gotten a photo of it. I have a certain time of year when I switch from ankle socks to mid-length socks and then another time of year when I switch from mid-length socks to knee socks, and then vice versa as the seasons change again. What kind of sock person are you?

 These are my favorite Marimekko socks. They always have the coolest designs!

 These were a present from my mom... I love them too!

Another pair of Marimekko socks... these are actually knee highs and I am wearing them today. 
Yesterday I had on mid-length socks... it's nearly time to switch exclusively to knee socks but I am trying to hold out as long as possible... and as long as I don't freeze to death!

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