Sunday, October 14

Day 288: Rainy Day Fika

I love weekend days when my only real plans are to have fika (coffee) with one of my girlfriends. The only thing missing besides the sunshine was my umbrella. When I was getting dressed to leave my apartment I decided to wear my down jacket instead of my waterproof rain jacket, thinking I would just take my umbrella with me. And then I promptly left home without it. The good news is that rainy days in Stockholm can generally be handled by ducking into a store or hiding out under an awning for a few minutes and the rain usually passes over, or at least slows up to a light sprinkle and you can dash for it.

When I left my apartment I half thought that maybe it wouldn't even rain anymore. The sun was shining and there were sparse clouds that, though dark, seemed to be skirting the sky's horizon. We decided to head to one of my favorite cafes in the city, Skåningen kaffebar, located in SoFo, or South of Folkungagatan, on Skånegatan. And even though it is on "the island" (meaning the island of Södermalm where I live), it is a bit of a hike to get there since the subway doesn't stop terribly close by. Buses get you nearer but it wasn't raining yet so we decided to head over on foot.

Well, it did start to drizzle a bit when we were about half way there but we arrived mostly undamaged. And as luck would have it, we walked in just as a group of ladies was leaving and we snagged two of their vacated seats at the bar in front of the window. We both ordered a piece of carrot cake each and a couple of coffee drinks. As we settled in to eat them I thought that I probably wouldn't (and definitely shouldn't) finish it all, especially the the mile high layer of frosting. But guess what? I completely finished the whole piece of cake, crumbs, frosting and all. We had a great chat and as we sat there we watched it rain, then stop, then rain, then stop. And that was pretty much the rest of the afternoon, even as we dashed in and out of a few boutiques as we slowly made our way back to the subway station. A lovely afternoon. Having a rainy day fika is the best sort of thing to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Don't you think? How did you spend your Sunday afternoon?

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  1. Hej Grace, what's the perfect rainy day fika? I am responsible for the office fika this friday & it's definitely gonna be rainy :( any suggestions?